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Ningaloo - Exmouth, Australia

Whaleshark Every year during the months of March, April and May we in Exmouth, Western Australia are fortunate to be visited by possibly the most awe inspiring creature to in habit the oceans, the majestic (Rhiniodontidae) Rhiniodon Types Whale Shark! The Biggest Fish and Largest Shark in the World. Rhini-odon means file tooth; it has over 300 bands of tiny teeth it feeds on plankton, but has also been known to eat garbage. Rumor has it that found in ones stomach was an part of an old boot , someone's wallet, a tin bucket and part of an old oar! So gentle are these creatures people have been known to walk on their backs. (no direct contact is now allowed to limit the any stress)

Located in the Ningaloo Caravan and Holiday Resort, Coral Coast Dive (EST 1995) is one of the longest operating Dive Centers in Exmouth and we have years of experience on the Ningaloo Reef and Surrounding Islands, Coral Coast Dive is run by its Owners so personised service is assured.
We are sure you will find this site interesting . Check this site out for some great informations about Ningaloo diving .!



Diving Pulau Aur n Pulau Dayang · Malaysia

P.Dayang & Aur JimScuba Dive website featured great informations on Malaysia diving.
Here an excerpt from one of their recent divelog report on Pulau Aur and Pulau Dayang that good reading for those intending to head out to Pulau Aur and Pulau Dayang soon.
We entered the water on the southern shore of Pulau Lang and made a slow drift toward the eastern tip. Less than a minute into our dive, we spotted a turtle resting under a table coral! With a close up lens mounted on my Nikonos, I couldn't take any picture of her … so while the rest were trying to get a closer view, I drifted on… and a Scorpion Fish was located! (I was getting a little excited, as this was an easy object for underwater photography). 15 minutes into the dive, I believed we must have reached the eastern tip. Everyone was getting even more excited with the number of marine life that greeted us and all those actions generated by the drift… As we maneuvered the turn, more fishes were found swimming against the current and away from rocks and between corals, just then the shadow of the gentle little 6m giant appeared.
For personalised PADI Open Water diver course for a one student to one instructor basis or one to two basis, Check out JimScuba web for more informations and find out how you can get to enjoy diving Malaysia islands of Pulau Aur and Pulau Dayang with the dive course.!






Whaleshark - Southern Luzon, Philippine

Dive Elite's web reported
quote: People are flocking to a sleepy seaside town in southern Luzon, located in the province of Sorsogon, 544 kms. south of Manila. The attention stems from the discovery of large numbers of Whale Sharks (Rhincodon typus) in the plankton-rich municipal waters off the town of Donsol. News of this amazing phenomenon has already spread to the international scientific community, with researchers coming in droves to study these elusive animals. Known as Butanding in the local dialect, these whale sharks have always put in a yearly appearance, with numbers peaking during the summer months of February to May.
Check out DiveElite site for a complete update.



Project Plura

Cave diving north of the artic circle
In august 1998 members from the Swedish cave diving group
BSTD explored the cave system Plura in north Norway to a maximum depth of 80m (260 feet). Distance penetrated was 1200m and total in water time was over two hours. The team used Gavin designed underwater scooters to help propel them trough the ice cold water. This is the deepest and longest cave dive ever done in Scandinavia.
Exploration of this cave would prove as expected to be quite hazardous and complicated. The ice cold water means that the divers faced the risk of freezing to death in case of a flooded suit. Some of the passages were also extremely silty and narrow. Some of these tunnels were inappropriate for scootering so the fast Gavin scooters could not be used for parts of the dive. The cold water limited the time the divers could stay immersed so speed was of essence.
Look up Baltic Sea Tech Divers web site for an insight of theirs many thrilling projects.



Waikiki Dive Singapore

Waikiki Dive is currently the most well equiped dive centre situated at the Concourse shopping Mall. They carries a good stocks of PADI products as well as a full range of scuba gears and equipments in their shop.
From PADI Open Water Diver manuals to Mares , Tusa and Dacor to TechniSub. All scuba gears are also available at theirs online site for purchase. Beside having a wide range of scuba gears and accessories available for all divers at attractive prices. They has a special package dive trip to Pulau Sipadan being available at promotional prices .
You may want to check this out this site Waikiki Dive for more informations.

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