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Dive sites Of Pulau Aur & Pulau Dayang - Malaysia
Pulau Aur
Pulau Dayang
70km east of Mersing-Johore, is the 5 km long island of Aur - Pulau Aur, surrounded by three small islands; Dayang, Lang and Pinang. It's remote location ensures good visibility and a high chance of encountering large pelagic fish or possible even whale sharks and manta rays. Diving ranges from rock boulders and submerged reefs to wrecks.


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Pulau Aur - Pulau Pinang
Surface and underwater current during low tide, steep rocky boulders formation, depth - 14 to 48m; average - 18m, visibility range from 10 to 20m; average - 12m. NW to NE corner offer good diving and has steeper wall ,Batfish, Napoleon wrasse, large grouper, spotted rays, school of yellow band snappers, Jacks, lots of angelfish and titan trigger fish. Manta ray and shark can be seen around late October to November period. Visibility affected beginning of November to late March due to monsoon.

Pulau Aur - Pinnacle 2
Strong surface current, a rock pinnacle that rises to 12m below surface,depth - 12 to 30m; average - 15m, visibility range 12 to 25m; average - 16m, school of yellowtail and chevron barracudas, Napoleon Wrasse, whitetip sharks, rays, Jacks, bigeye trevally, yellowback fusiliers, turtle and hugh Titan trigger fish.Titan Trigger.Buoy available for boat.Dive during low tide.Visibility affected beginning of November to late March due to monsoon.

Pulau Aur - Pinnacle 3
The best of the group three underwater rocks with top at 16m. Strong surface current, depth - 16 to 24m; average - 18m, visibility range 16 to 25m; average - 18m, big seafan and soft corals, black coral, lots of schooling snappers,jack, yellowback fusiliers,and silver sweepers fishes at the 20m depth fifty meters away from the rock, dive during low tide. No buoy for boat.Visibility affected beginning of November to late March due to monsoon.

 Pulau Aur - Pulau Lang
Good spot for checkout dive, depth 6 to 25m; average - 14m, visibility range 6 to 14m; average - 10m, eastern side quite badly blasted. NW bay very good for dusk to night dive. School of Jack,batfish,fusiliers and Napoleon wrasses can be sighted at northern most point -16m depth during dusk. Turtles, barracuda,snappers, cuttlefish,barramundi cod, big moray eel. Buoys available.Visibility affected beginning of November to late March due to monsoon.

 Pulau Aur - Telok Teluran calm, buoy, depth - 6 to 20m; average - 12m, visibility range from 8 to 14m; average - 10m, patches of sandy bottom scattered amongst coral mounts, soft to hard coral, sea urchins, clams, cuttlefish, crabs and used to be lobster's haven, moray eel. A very good spot for training and night dive.
Note: There are many more dive sites in and around Aur and Dayang that we have not received information about . If you can share those not listed here,or correct those that appeared here, we would greatly appreciate your contribution !

3rd May' 09
Pulau Aur - Weather :- Fair and Sunny throughout, wind 5 to 10 kmph , sea calm to slight ; swell 0 - 0.5m.
On dive front : good underwater visibility 12 to 16 metres .. Napoleon Wrasses ,Bumphead Parrots fish and Barramundi cod sighted at Pulau Aur - Rayner's Rock.
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Dive sites Map of P.Aur - Click to enlarge

Pulau Aur - Rayner Rock
Hugh rock boulders rise from underwater to surface ,Surface current, depth - 14 to 30m; average - 20m, visibility range 10 to 30m; average - 18m, a resident humphead napoleon wrasse, about a dozen bumphead parrot fishes,Bumphead Parrot sixband angelfish, barracudas, big titan trigger fish, yellow band fusiliers and butterfly fishes, giant clam,and best spot for sighting manta-ray from September to mid November and whaleshark was seen before. Visibility better toward year end.

 Pulau Aur - Telok Jawa
Calm, mooring buoys inside bay, some boulder rocks scattered, depth - 6 to 23m; average -14m, visibility range from 6 to 10m; average - 8m, staghorn and lettuce corals, clams, turtle, parrot fish.moray eel often sighted and lot of angel and butterfish. A good spot for check out dive and training.

Pulau Aur - Captain Point
Behind the bay of Telok Jawa lie a triangular rock jutting out off the wall is Captain Point. Good for drift dive, surface current, depth - 14 to 30m ;average - 16m, visibility - 6 to 10m; average - 8m, soft corals on wall with rocky toManta Ray sandy terrain at bottom, eagle ray frequently seen, manta ray spotted toward October to November, spotted ray, batfish,titan trigger and crown of thorns.

 P.Lang - Dayang clear water  Diver lodge- Exotic divers haven in  Malaysia


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