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Dear Friend and all
warmest welcome to kOOlbuzz. We tried to ensure that our site do not waste your bandwidth. Even though we are fond of including load of graphics, we have to restrain from doing so. We trust we can still deliver the messages across. Read on !


About KoolBuzz
Our Reason and Vision : "To build THE platform that enhances the "e" community spirit. A platform for sharing information,news and ideas on living and leisure lifestyle. One that people can identify as having that "ewest" outlook. One that all can surfs frequently and gains the "e" knowledge."

Voila ! Yes it's like a virtual pub, this is where friends from all over the "e" world can come in, have a virtual "kool" beer and let the "buzz" refresh theirs spirit. Dive the webs and share leisure and adventurous news. This is a "Kool" virtual lounge for us to live, eat, climb, dive, track, skid and surf "virtual".

Several stages of web design, enhancement and refinement took place before we launched this version . We continue to strive to improve this site with interactive pages. If you can help and contribute we sincerely welcome your support.
We trust that our service is well suited across the spectrum of internet users, across cultures and geographical divides. Let's get onboard now and start sharing. Let communicate and collaborate and benefit from using this service in this "e" World .

Thank you for coming by "ewest" friend . Cheerio !

"ewest" ("East to West" spirited man/woman)

We are not popular yet. With a keen determination, we should be on the top of most search engines and "ewest" (East to West outlook people) favourites bookmark soon. Welcome you to advertise in our site. We charge for a banner that appear in our page at $400 per year.
Contact our webmaster now !

Free Adv.
If you have a special promotion where surfer can benefit, do email us for a free listing here.

kOOlbuzz 's site is dedicated to all who have the "ewest" feels . Read our Privacy Policy.
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